Who is Skip Hop?

Skip Hop emerged from the creative vision of new parents Ellen and Michael Diamant in 2003. Initially known for their innovative, stylish diaper bags, the brand has flourished into a globally recognized lifestyle label for parents, infants, and toddlers. Under Ellen’s guidance, a myriad of products have made parenting easier and have reached families across more than 30 countries worldwide.

Which country made Skip Hop?

Despite its American origins, Skip Hop’s manufacturing spans several countries in Asia. The brand’s diversified production includes facilities located in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Cambodia, where they assemble their range of parenting essentials and children’s products.

What is the weight limit for Skip Hop activity?

The specific weight limit for various Skip Hop activity products isn’t stated, but it is essential to note that baby gear typically comes with weight and age specifications. It’s recommended to check product details before purchase to ensure safe use.

Is Skip Hop owned by Carter’s?

In a strategic acquisition, children’s apparel giant Carter’s, Inc. embraced the creative foresight of Skip Hop in 2017. For a sum of $140 million and additional conditional future payments, Carter’s expanded its family, bolstering its presence in the baby product market.

Is Skip Hop part of Carters?

Ellen and Michael founded Skip Hop to fulfill a personal need for trendy, practical diaper bags. Evolving rapidly, they joined Carter’s family of brands in 2017, enhancing their reach and growth potential in the parenting market.

When was Skip Hop founded?

Skip Hop, born out of a New York couple’s ingenuity, must not be confused with the Canadian-based SkipTheDishes, which was founded by Chris and Josh Simair in 2012. Skip Hop has been serving families since its inception in 2003.

Is skip hop a choking hazard?

Skip Hop has faced safety concerns with the Raindrop Toy Component from their Activity Gym, leading to reports of potential choking hazards. Parents with these toys should be vigilant and ensure their children’s safety during playtime.

What age is Skip Hop for?

Skip Hop designs products meant to engage and excite babies from as young as four months to their toddler years. Each product caters to the changing developmental stages, ensuring fun and growth go hand in hand.

What is not allowed in a skip?

Skips are great for managing waste, but they come with strict no-go items. Hazardous materials such as electronics, asbestos, paint, medical waste, and explosives must not be thrown into skips due to health and environmental regulations.

Can you wash Skip Hop bags?

Maintenance of Skip Hop bags is straightforward – they are generally hand washable. The canvas ones like the Duo and Dash should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, using mild detergent and flatly laid out to air dry.

Is the Skip Hop high chair safe?

Skip Hop took precautionary action by recalling the TUO Convertible High Chairs due to a risk of the legs detaching, which could inadvertently lead to falls. Safety overrides are paramount for the brand when it comes to their products.

Is Skip Hop lead free?

Concerning baby safety, Skip Hop’s Explore & More Roll Around Rattles are certified as BPA, phthalate, PVC, and lead-free, showcasing their commitment to non-toxic materials in their baby products.

Who is the CEO of Skip Hop?

The pioneer behind the Skip Hop empire is founder Michael Diamant. His vision has been the guiding force behind the brand’s innovation and widespread acclaim in the parenting product sector.

Where was Skip Hop founded?

New York City’s vibrant energy and fast-paced lifestyle inspired founders Ellen and Michael Diamant to create Skip Hop, aiming to bridge the gap between style and functionality in the world of parent gear.

Where is SkipTheDishes headquarters?

An entirely different entity from Skip Hop, SkipTheDishes, a food delivery service, has planted its roots firmly in Winnipeg, Canada, where its main hub orchestrates operations to facilitate urban dining experiences.

Who owns DoorDash?

Fueling the convenience of food delivery, Tony Xu, along with his Stanford colleagues, co-founded DoorDash. Xu, who holds the CEO title, propelled the company forward, enjoying success with its public offering in 2020.

How do I contact Skip Hop?

Customers seeking assistance can dial Skip Hop’s toll-free number 877-333-0117 or 762-232-1399 between 7 am to midnight EST. Email support is also available for any product inquiries or concerns.

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