What country is Evenflo from?

Tracing its beginning to the 1920s in Ravenna, Ohio, the Evenflo company originated as Pyramid Rubber Company, a pioneer in baby feeding product manufacturing. This rich heritage cements its American roots.

How long does an Evenflo car seat last?

Evenflo car seats typically have a lifespan of 6 years from manufacture. However, the Evenflo Gold Revolve360™ lasts a decade due to its versatile design serving infants to older children.

Does Evenflo grow with the baby?

Evenflo’s lineup includes adaptable convertible car seats that accommodate a child’s growth from infancy to toddlerhood, providing safety and comfort throughout different stages.

Are Evenflo infant car seats safe?

Evenflo prioritizes safety, ensuring car seats exceed industry standards to offer peace of mind for parents. They focus on critical areas like quality, comfort, and ease of installation.

Is Evenflo an American brand?

Yes, Evenflo is quintessentially American, with its headquarters based in Miamisburg, Ohio. It continues to serve American families, adhering to local and national standards.

Is Evenflo a safe car seat brand?

All Evenflo car seats integrate essential safety features like tethers and must undergo and pass stringent federal crash tests to ensure child safety in transit.

Why do car seats expire?

Over time, car seats expire due to normal wear and tear, and the deterioration of materials. This ensures a maintained level of safety by acknowledging the finite lifespan of these crucial products.

Can I wash my Evenflo car seat?

Maintenance is kept hassle-free with Evenflo car seats. The seats’ pads are detachable and machine-washable, making cleaning a straightforward task for busy parents.

Does Evenflo rotate forward-facing?

Evenflo’s innovative design allows for easy rotation of the car seat in different modes. This feature aids in hassle-free placing and removal of the child from the seat.

What’s the safest infant car seat?

While various brands are acclaimed for safety, Evenflo complies with safety protocols, focusing on secure, crash-tested designs for infants and children.

Does Evenflo use flame retardants?

Evenflo products like the EveryFit model contain flame retardants, which is a common practice in the industry to meet certain safety criteria.

What year did Evenflo come out?

The foundation of Evenflo dates back to June 4, 1920, in Ohio, known for its robust manufacturing industry and as part of the burgeoning rubber production sector.

Is the Evenflo Pivot car seat safe?

Reassuring parents, the Evenflo Pivot car seat meets all federal safety standards and utilizes advanced side impact testing criteria to ensure top-notch safety.

Is Evenflo BPA free?

Evenflo maintains a commitment to health by offering bottles that are 100% free from BPA and other potentially harmful materials, using only FDA-approved components.

Who are the current customers/users of Evenflo baby?

Evenflo primarily caters to the 25-40 age demographic, targeting new and expectant parents who are most likely to invest in baby safety gear and accessories.

Is Evenflo Chase FAA approved?

The Evenflo Chase car seat meets FAA requirements for use in aircraft when the 5-point harness is utilized, which is noted for its safe design in air travel.

Is Evenflo a safe car seat brand?

With a steadfast focus on safety, Evenflo incorporates a tether system to enhance security in its forward-facing harnessed car seats, ensuring they meet rigorous crash test standards.

Who invented Evenflo?

The beginnings of Evenflo can be credited to the Pyramid Rubber Specialty Company, founded in an area that was once a hub for rubber production, contributing to the brand’s historic development.

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