How can I help my baby sleep with reflux?

For babies suffering from reflux, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises a flat, firm sleep surface. As infants naturally cough up or swallow fluids, elevating them on an incline or using a swing isn’t safe. Ensure your little one rests on their back for a better sleep experience.

Why is reflux worse at night for babies?

At night, stomach acid levels peak, making reflux more troublesome for babies. As they lie down, gravity can’t aid in keeping their stomach contents settled, often disturbing their rest.

What does a baby with reflux sound like?

Babies with reflux may cry more, sound hoarse, and show signs of discomfort during and after meals. They may cough, gag, or seem as if they have a sore throat due to the irritation caused by stomach contents rising back up.

What is the root cause of reflux in babies?

Reflux is commonly seen in infants as their esophagus is still maturing. It’s a part of their development and generally resolves without intervention by the time they reach twelve months.

Is reflux painful for babies?

While reflux is common, it often doesn’t cause pain or affect a baby’s weight gain. Nevertheless, persistent crying, referred to as colic, might co-occur with reflux, but they’re not always linked.

What time of day is reflux worse?

Reflux symptoms, including heartburn, can intensify after meals, in the evening, or when lying down. Factors like pregnancy or excess weight can exacerbate these symptoms, making them more pronounced.

How do you burp a baby with reflux?

When burping a baby prone to reflux, have a towel ready for spit-ups. Keep them upright for 15 to 30 minutes post-feeding to minimize the chances of reflux episodes.

Why is my baby throwing up curdled milk and clear liquid?

If your baby spits up curdled milk, it might be undigested milk from their last meal. Keep an eye on their spit-up patterns and consult a doctor if there are any concerns or sudden changes.

What formula is best for reflux?

For bottle-fed infants, trying an “extensively hydrolyzed” formula can potentially improve symptoms of reflux. These formulas lack whole cow’s milk or soy proteins, which might be easier on your baby’s digestion.

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