Can you put a newborn in a Doona Stroller?

The Doona stroller has been designed to accommodate infants right from their first day up to approximately 15 months or until they weigh 13kg. Its construction ensures it is suitable and safe for newborns, providing peace of mind for parents while they’re on the move.

What is the difference between Doona and Doona+?

The Doona and Doona+ might look similar, but there are distinct features that set them apart. The Doona+ includes a customizable hood with various color choices. Additionally, the Doona+ fabric is designed to reduce sweating, making it more comfortable for the baby. You can spot a Doona+ by the label on the side of the seat.

Can babies sleep in Doona car seats?

Sleeping in the Doona car seat is fine for brief periods, provided you always keep your baby securely buckled and under supervision. According to the user manual, extended, unsupervised sleeping is not advised as it may not be safe for the infant.

How fast do babies grow out of Doona?

Babies tend to outgrow the Doona car seat when they reach 32 inches in height or 35 pounds in weight, often around their first birthday. Parents are advised to monitor their child’s growth and prepare for a transition to a suitable car seat as they near these limits.

When should I stop using Doona?

The Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller is designed to serve your infant for about two years. A child who has reached either 35 pounds in weight or 32 inches in height should transition out of the Doona for safety and comfort reasons.

Can I bring my Doona stroller on a plane?

The Doona stroller is approved for air travel in the US and Europe. However, it’s best to contact the airline beforehand to confirm their policy on car seats and to ensure that you get a suitable seat assignment for your journey.

Is it safe to use Doona without base?

Safety doesn’t compromise with the Doona car seat even when you’re not using the base. Its design allows it to be safely secured in any vehicle seat, providing versatility for parents on the move.

Can I use Doona without infant insert?

As your baby outgrows the infant insert, typically around 11 lbs, it can be removed. However, the head support should remain in place for as long as possible to provide extra side impact protection.

Why is it called Doona?

The name ‘Doona’ shares its origin with a Danish word ‘dyne,’ denoting down feathers, and became popular in Australian slang during the 1980s, indicating a quilt. As such, a Doona is synonymous with a quilt in Australia.

When can baby sleep with Doona?

Over the age of one, it becomes safer for a baby to sleep with a doona or quilt. These can come with various fillings, including hypoallergenic options, ensuring a comfortable and safe sleep for toddlers.

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