What You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Hearing

Hearing is one of the first senses to develop, and in most babies is fully developed long before they are born. Because an infant’s hearing is so keen, even before birth, experts recommend parents talk to their baby in the womb. Talking to your baby in utero is especially important for the dad or partner […]

Baby Hiccups: Why they Happen and How to Treat Them

Nearly everyone has experienced hiccups. While hiccups can be annoying, they are rarely a sign of something serious, especially in babies. Nonetheless, if you’ve watched your baby have a bout of hiccups, you may wonder what causes them and how you can alleviate them in your little one. We are here to help! This article […]

How To Tell If Your Baby is Getting Enough Breast Milk?

New breastfeeding moms often wonder if their baby is getting enough breast milk. Unlike formula or expressed milk placed into a bottle, there are no measurement lines on our breasts to tell us how much our baby drank.  Even though you can’t see how much milk your body produces, the good news is that the […]

Can I Hold My Baby Too Much?

There is something uniquely wonderful about snuggling a baby in your arms. They’re soft, they smell good, and they provide unconditional love. In addition, studies have shown that holding or wearing your baby in a sling can alleviate postpartum depression. However, many parents wonder if it is possible to hold their baby too much. The […]

Colic in Babies: Causes & Remedies

Colic is a word often associated with newborns and babies. You may have heard that a colicky baby is fussy or has difficulty sleeping, but what exactly is colic, and, more importantly, how do you know if your baby has it? A crying baby indicates something is wrong, and when the crying seems to go […]

Common Causes of Dry Skin in Babies: Prevention and Remedies

Dry, peeling and even itchy skin is common among newborns and babies. A baby’s skin is incredibly delicate and sensitive and can easily be irritated by the weather, soaps and lotions, ad even the wrong diaper. So what are the most common causes of dry skin in babies, and what can you do to keep […]

Baby Constipation: What Causes It and How to Help

Like adults, babies and toddlers can become constipated and experience tummy problems, but when they do, they may not know how to alert you to their discomfort. A crying baby is a sure sign something is wrong, but tears could mean anything from being ready for a nap to experiencing acute pain or even boredom. […]

Baby Gas: What Causes It and Tips to Relieve It

When your baby isn’t feeling their best, it can be challenging to discover the cause of their discomfort. Discovering the cause of their upset is difficult because babies only have one form of communication when they’re born: cry. Crying signals hunger, pain, sleepiness, over or under stimulation, fear, a messy diaper, and any general discomfort.  […]

Babies and Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is an essential nutrient all people need. However, most people do not get enough Vitamin D, and at different stages of our lives, we require different amounts. So how much Vitamin D does a baby need, and what is the best way to administer it? This article […]

Newborn Poop: What to expect

Becoming a new parent means talking and thinking about poop a lot. Your baby’s poop can tell you a lot about their health and is frequently discussed on mommy blogs and at doctor visits. The color, consistency, and frequency are key indicators of your baby’s diet and well-being. So what exactly is normal, and what […]